New rule changes mean that your business can move broadband provider quickly and without charge

For many years broadband providers have been able to advertise services offering download speeds of up to 200MBps. But once installed, many small business owners have found the actual maximum achievable speed is much slower.

Fear of being fined by the Advertising Standards Agency forced many providers to be a little more specific about their services. Most now provide customers with a range of speed values between which they expect the final connection to achieve. These “more accurate” values, are typically only supplied as the buyer completes the sign-up process.

Frustratingly though, even this range of speeds is just an estimate. There is no guarantee that your business will actually achieve guideline download speeds. Ever.

Have you ever tried cancelling business broadband?

Once you have signed up to a contract, cancelling business broadband is all but impossible. None of the service reps you speak to will be able to help because their support scripts do not cover your situation for starters.

And when you do manage to speak to the disconnections department, they will quickly remind you about the contract you signed, and the amount of time remaining before it expires. They will also happily point out that all speeds quoted are simply estimates, and that your very slow broadband speeds are beyond their control.

All of which means that if you want to terminate the contract, you’ll have to pay a hefty disconnection fee.

Switching business broadband providers is about to get a lot easier

This inability to switch business broadband providers leaves British SMEs at a significant disadvantage, both to their larger competitors who can absorb the cost of cancelling contracts, and foreign firms equipped with faster connectivity. Realising that bad broadband has a wider effect on the UK economy, telecoms regulator OFCOM has stepped in with a new program to assist.

From 2016, cancelling business broadband that fails to perform will be free. Where a business can demonstrate that their broadband connection continually performs below the minimum expected speed, they will be able to break their contract without fear of hefty cancellation charges. 

ISPs signed up to the program will also be required to provide maximum and minimum speed estimates before the sales process begins. In this way SMEs should be able to compare services more effectively before being locked into a contract.

Time to get serious about cancelling your business broadband

Although the new framework is not yet live, SMEs stuck with slow connections may still be able to renegotiate. And if their existing ISP is unwilling to assist, businesses can at least begin preparing for a change of provider from September.

Whatever your situation, it’s time to talk to Cloud Broadband. We can supply your business with a super-fast, super-reliable fibre Internet connection that allows you to compete on the world stage. Drop us a line and we’ll help you understand your options – even if you are currently tied into a non-negotiable contract.