Modern business moves quickly, and your organisation needs to keep up. But no matter how efficient your internal operations may be, if your broadband is slow, your business is losing out.

In fact, a survey by electronics manufacturer Sandisk found that the average employee wastes one week every year waiting for files to upload and download. Scale that up to include every employee in the business and you could be looking at months of lost productivity (and profits) as a direct result of having a poor Internet connection.

Because the Internet isn't just about email and web surfing any more. Cloud-based services like Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and even Xero Accounts are all completely reliant on your broadband. If your Internet connection is too slow, these apps will not perform as well as expected. Which means the money you save by taking out Cloud subscriptions is wasted immediately as you wait for screens to refresh and documents to upload.

Slow connectivity is directly related to inefficiency.

How to fix your broadband for free(ish)

The answer then is to buy the fastest, most reliable broadband available – and we don’t mean the “free” connection supplied by your landlord. Fibre broadband super fast, super sexy and super important to your business. The problem is that the extra cost of superfast broadband can blind cash-conscious managers – until now.

As part of the Government’s continuing efforts to improve the British digital economy, several funding schemes have been announced designed to help SMEs join the online revolution. Recognising the importance of broadband connectivity, a voucher scheme was launched last year, offering SMEs up to £3000 towards the cost of upgrading their Internet connection.

But although the scheme is open to almost any business, many SME owners are not claiming their connection voucher. By not doing so, they are making a huge mistake that is costing the economy millions of pounds, not to mention their own profits too.

It is rare to see the Chancellor giving away free money – and it would be stupid not to take it, especially as the benefits will be exponential.

Hurry up

Unfortunately the Chancellor’s goodwill is not permanent; the voucher scheme is set to expire on the 31st March 2016. More importantly still, the vouchers are drawn from a central fund and when all that money has been allocated, no more will be made available. If you leave your application any longer, there may be nothing left for your business.

So if you want super fast broadband for your business, you need to hurry up and apply. Get in touch with us today and we can take you through the process of obtaining funding, having a new connection put in and watching improved productivity boost your bank balance. And all at George Osborne’s expense.